2017 Richmond Fair

The Richmond Fair is just about 15 minutes from our house, just south of us. Their website says they are the largest spectator event held annually in the area.

When I was a kid in western New York I participated in 4H (the craft side, not the animal side) and participated in fairs like this. It was fun to go back with my adult gaze and see this kind of thing. Of course, I also had my experience from fairs in Texas, which are definitely bigger and different than this one was. I think agricultural activities are something you really have to seek out around here, while in Texas (at least outside of the cities) it’s very common.

We watched some of the horse shows and then walked around, taking in the sights. We were there very early, so the rides and games weren’t open yet, but at least we got to go around without a crowd. You can tell in my video how much I liked looking at the crafts though!