Things I do include:

  • writing
  • ghostwriting cozy mysteries and romance
  • publishing short story collections and novellas
  • developmental & substantive editing
  • building Wordpress websites
  • strategizing social media, SEO web content, and online promotion
  • teaching knit and crochet
  • creating custom (bulk order) charms
  • occasionally bloging about travels, life in Ottwa, writing and productivity
  • going to my government day job in communications
  • volunteering
  • spending every second I can with family and fur babies

Entrepreneurship Journey

I’ve had a lifelong passion for writing and entrepreneurship, from my early ventures making friendship bracelets and selling them door-to-door (when I was 7), or re-selling found golf balls to golfers from my Grandpa’s backyard in elementary school, and teaching myself HTML to modify my Geocities website when I was in high school. I have a natural curiosity about people, and about their businesses, which makes it easy for me to be able to write content for my clients. Nowadays my SEO, content writing, WordPress, and social media skills are used for my small stable of clients and few events or volunteer activities that come up.

I am dedicated to helping people tell their story to their audience. As a content strategist I not only write content, but I also help my clients by planing the topics of their articles, blogs, social updates, e-newsletters, AdWords campaigns, etc. around matching themes throughout the year to create comprehensive and consistent messaging. I not only draft high-quality copy, but I also post with SEO, backlinks, and images. I also cross-post on social media platforms.

My Writing Journey

I remember the pride I felt when I could read “chapter books”, and the yearning to move from reading them to writing them. In my first-grade class we were able to “publish” books, and I pushed the limit to see how many of these wallpaper-covered cardboard and paper treasures my teacher would let me make. I still have them, although the stories are pretty nonsensical.

Another early writing “achievement” was a story about the Loch Ness monster I wrote and sent off to a Disney writing contest. I didn’t win, but it made an impact on me. Following this, my next greatest writing achievement came when I was in 7th grade and wrote a 101 (wide-ruled, lined notepaper) page book about students who got trapped in an underground cavern and turned to cannibalism. The sequel starring their ghosts remains unwritten.

So, my junior writing isn’t the thing of fairy tales, but it was something steady that moved with me all my life, and something I love to do to this day. Now I work on my own stories for self-publishing and traditional submission while I regularly produce 50,000+ ghostwritten romance and cozy mystery stories for my clients.

Eighth Ripple Press

In 2015 I started working with a local editor to help authors self-publish their novels. This evolved into the idea of us publishing the books under our small publisher, and eventually Eighth Ripple Press was born. We are currently publishing one short story collection a year, and working with our short story authors to publish their full-length novels. It’s been a great experience to work with these authors and make works that we are really proud of!

Professional Memberships

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