Back from cruising with Mickey


It’s been a heck of a few weeks!

Hubby had been away for two months teaching, and the day after he got back we took the pets to camp (the pet kennel). They love it there, or at least the dogs do. Who can tell with cats? Then we hit the road to NYC for our 10 year anniversary cruise for 5 nights on the Disney Magic to the Canadian coast!


The cruise was fantastic, and I wish it would have lasted many more days. I guess I also wished that we were traveling to warmer weather, but it all worked out for the best since Hurricane Matthew was heading in and cruises were changing their itineraries from the Bahamas to the Canadian coast anyway.

We got a lot of much-needed rest on the at-sea days. On the days when we were in port (Saint John, NB and Halifax, NS), we got up and walked around town, then went back for a late lunch and rested until the evening show at 6pm, and then dinner at 8pm, and then some after-diner activities (such as the lavenous Mike Super magic show). Oh, and probably the most “Disney magical” part of our trip was being seated for dinner every night with two other couples that proved to be great table mates. I never thought we’d end up with such like-minded people (sharing love for Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, etc) and even wrangled coloring sheets and crayons from our server for the last two nights!


We went to the museum in Saint John, New Brunswick (not to be confused with Saint Johns Newfoundland). During our tour through the museum my writer brain started wondering about life for the wives of these sailors. Saint John was a major port for sailing, back when ships of wood were made and used to transport. The wives would accompany their husbands on the ships. To my delight, there was a book on this topic in the museum gift shop, and can’t wait to start reading!


I felt a bit guilty for sleeping and resting so much on the cruise. But I forget that in the two months hubby was gone I wasn’t just doing double chores (caring for the house, myself, and 4 furbabies alone), but I also worked a full-time day job (with 45-60 min commute each way), wrote and submitted a novel to a big publisher, wrote and submitted regular 5k word ghostwritten fiction bi-weekly, wrote a short story for a Halloween anthology, and, oh yea, PUBLISHED THAT ANTHOLOGY. That means co-editing each of the other four stories, project managing between authors and the other editor, formatting the interior, working with the cover designer, getting the ISBN and bar code, submitting for publishing, working on marketing… etc… sigh… I guess THAT’s why I slept a lot on the cruise! (If you’re interested, it’s available here: | Kobo (Canada) |


Last Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. We skipped it, as we were basically still full from the cruise. We did lentil and bean soup instead, a light meal we needed. It was hard to get back into the swing of things last week, and I’m still struggling to get my word count up, but I need to since time waits for no one! We’re already working on the December novel!

These faces were glad to be home!