Shifting Shards

Tales of Transfiguration and Metamorphosis

Book Cover: Shifting Shards

Welcome to a new way of experiencing thrillers! Here are five stories of transfiguration and metamorphosis. In other words—shifters! But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill shifter stories. The girls that dominate these tales break the traditional would-be victim stereotypes—and kick butt doing it!

Strange Rogue Beasts by Jessica Ripley: Gina is currently institutionalized, but she won’t let that stop her from facing down a mysterious nighttime intruder, or from saving the women around her.

True Calling by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Raven is an intelligent, new college grad who takes a trip to her family’s cabin and finds both a new world and a new family history in the woods.

On This Day We Maen Be Seen by Laurie Stewart: Moira takes us on an adventure, crossing between worlds with her supernatural friends while on a mission to track down a werewolf.

Sandra’s First by Raeanne G. Roy: PI Sandra, on her first case, uses both her street smarts and her druid shifting powers to track down and save a teenage girl.

The Shifter by Jennifer Graff Litzenberger: Willow looks 30 but has lived 100 years. She has a soft spot for the mortals she encounters, and is torn between giving up eternity and having a normal life.

Shifting Shards is only available as a free eBook.

Publisher: Eighth Ripple Press

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