Can-Con 2018

Ottawa’s Can-Con 2018 came and went way too fast! I’m always telling people how fantastic this con is. It’s full of writers sharing their enthusiasm of spec-fic, and for the past two years all I’ve ever seen is people embracing the romance genre in our panels.

The organizers were so generous to ORWA too! This was our first year having a table. Some of our authors signed up to sell books, some just signed up to volunteer to talk to folks about ORWA. Overall, it was a fun time in the dealer’s room!

Our Ottawa Romance Writers who attended included: Jenn Burke, Any GB, Jullienne Lee, Jennifer Carole Lewis, Linda Poitevin, Ludvica Boota, Mandy Rosko, and Leslie Brown. Plus, we had “friends of ORWA” Angela S. Stone and ‘Nathan Burgoine!

But I really can’t gush enough over how fun my panels were. Not only were the topics fun and the audience absolutely fantastic, but wow were my panelists terrific! It’s always a bit scary to be a romance writer among non-romance writers, because our genre is traditionally looked down upon. That wasn’t the case at all though. Every single one of my co-panelists and moderators were genuinely welcoming, curious, and courteous. I was honored to join:

Romantic Story Structures – Traditional romances can have some difficult plot problems. The writer must, over the course of a novel, prevent the romantic fulfillment of two characters who are obviously attracted to one another. This panel of romance writers discusses the broad structures and beats they use to evoke reader emotion. ‘Nathan Burgoine, Jenn Burke, Jessica Ripley, Leslie Brown (Moderator)

Sexy Speculative Fiction – Readers often look for romantic or sexual sub-plots as a way to increase tension in a work of fiction – and SFF by nature provides a lot of opportunity to make things interesting. What do readers love (no pun intended) about these sub-plots and what do writers love about them? How does introducing SFF elements to a romantic or sexual conflict change their attraction (still no pun intended) to readers and writers? Madeline AshbyChristian Baines, Jessica Ripley, Jamieson Wolf

Swiping Right on the Monster – Not all love interests are human. From Beauty And The Beast to The Shape Of Water, monsters can be a popular alternative to traditional romantic heroes. What is it about the non-human that makes protagonists and readers swoon? Does our attraction depend on gender and sexuality? And do we merely tolerate their inhuman qualities, or are they all part of the reason we love them? Christian Baines, David Demchuk, Jessica Ripley, Alison SinclairJerome Stueart (Moderator)

I can’t wait for next year. I’ve already submitted a few panel ideas. ?