Canada Aviation and Space Museum


This weekend we went to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum (we got a free ticket from Street Eats). It was a fantastic place! Ottawa has a great many museums, and this one convinced me that I really do have to get out and see more of them. There were full-sized models and actual planes, and a lot of other fun things to see. I especially liked that they had a section that talked about steampunk (early flight dreams), a section for the Military, and a section for space!

Getting out of the house and having new experiences is a great way to brainstorm for new story ideas, or perhaps for new plot points or scenes for your current story. It’s a win-win situation, because not only is your creative brain working, you’re also having a great time because you’re immersed in stuff you LIKE and are INTERESTED in! I think sometimes we look at writing as something that has to be hard work all the time, and we forget the part of it that is us just PLAYING in a setting we love with characters we find fun. The trip today helped me remember that.


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