Soylent Review

We got our first Soylent shipment July 20th! We quickly realized that we would need to bump up to the 2-box plan. We started making it in the container, but then soon found it easier to just make in individual servings. In August we had a shipment that was much different than our previous two […]

Exploding Kittens

We backed Exploding Kittens, one of the most funded crowdfunding project. It arrived on July 31 We finally got to play it on August 20th   This game is fun. Quick, easy, and perfect for when you’re a family stuck in a cabin!

Rustic Retreat Bed and Breakfast

We went down to Souris, Manitoba for a family wedding, and got to stay in a fantastic little cabin. The “Rustic Retreat Bed and Breakfast” was a standalone building stocked with some food (for the “breakfast” part). The absolute best part of being there was the nature. It was out in the country, with a […]