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December Wishes Book Launch

Today marks the launch of our second short-story collection, December Wishes!

I’ve always loved Christmas stories. The books, the kids’ specials, and all of the cheesy Hallmark Channel movies are a big part of my enjoyment of December. There’s something so nice about suspending all of our worries and letting ourselves focus on the magic of the season.

That’s why a Christmas anthology was high on my list of projects I wanted to do. I didn’t just want to create my own story, I wanted to bring together stories from our varied authors to demonstrate just how different that magic could be for everyone.

Our authors didn’t let me down. In addition to my story, which took a journalist to the secretive North Pole and Santa’s workshop, we also got a story about an angel, a story about an intergalactic journey home, a story about how Vampires (and Vampyres) spend the holidays, and a contemporary romance. None of these were assigned, it just turned out that our authors gave us completely different holiday story subgenres. A little something for everyone, or, if you’re a little nutty like me and happen to love ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS, then it’s five different tales for you to enjoy.

I’m proud of this fun little project, and I really enjoyed my time working with each author and the two editors for this book. If you get a chance to pick it up, I hope you like it!