Indie Author Book Fair Dec 2017

It’s my first event with books!

That is, the first time I had a table as an author, selling books. I’ve had plenty of tables at trade shows and fairs as a social media, marketing, and content writer, but this is the first time setting up as an author. I was lucky to be in fantastic company! Several ORWA members were also there, so it was really a good, friendly atmosphere and experience.

Marie-Claude spread the word and got us all signed up, and the fabulous Mandy Rosko went with me to Ogdensburg to pick up our orders of books and book racks. Jennifer Carole Lewis was a beacon of positivity and confidence (as usual) and if it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t have even signed up! And I got to hang out with Brenda Gayle for the first time (and watch as she sold the most books)!

It was a good end to 2017, and a way to prep for 2018. I’ll have a table at Kingston’s Limestone Genre Expo in May, I’m teaching a workshop on social media for ORWA in February (probably my last of these activities, as I’m pushing forward with writing and leaving the marketing behind), and attending Romancing the Capital (RTC) as a reader in August!