Ottawa Flowers

Today’s post is a bit different than my usual posts – today I’m sharing some beauty that can be found in Ottawa here in the spring! I regretted last year when I missed the Ottawa Tulip Festival, and I almost missed it this year too! Today was the last day of the festival (although the flowers can still be enjoyed after the festival ends), and I was so happy that I allowed myself the break from work to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Make sure you make time to do the same – don’t let life pass you by while you are chained to your computer!


In addition to the tulips, the cherry blossoms are also blooming around Ottawa right now. These beautiful pink or white trees only bloom for about a week (although they may start to bloom at different times, so we will see them come and go for a few weeks). These flowers are well-loved and representative of both the beauty and shortness of life. Their meaning is not lost on the small business owner – if you miss out on the chance to enjoy them this month then you may end up with your whole life passing you by while you slave away.

These flowers are related to the rose, so just as the saying goes – make sure you stop and smell the cherry blossoms!