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Prepping for time off

Jessica-Ripley-Productivity-Time-OffDo you have vacation plans in the future?

Haha, right! As small business owners it’s hard to imagine taking time completely off from business, but do you have a plan in place to ensure your business is able to still run so you CAN take time off? Remember, time off might come when you least expect it – it might come because you have an illness or family emergency.

In the business world we consider these situations “risks”, but do you have a plan to ensure potential clients aren’t┬árepelled by your sudden withdrawal?

Consider having these 5 steps in place so your business doesn’t whither while you tend to important life circumstances.

  1. Pre-write blogs. Evergreen content is that which can be posted at any time. Do yourself a favor and have a few (5 or so) evergreen blogs ready to go in case you don’t have a chance to write a new one on time.
  2. Curate Content. Having a list of great articles that you’d like to share with your audience ensures that you can stay active on social media and continue to provide everyone with helpful tips.
  3. Be Truthful. Let your audience know if you are having planned or unplanned time off. People can be very forgiving and understanding if they know what is going on.
  4. The “one-hour” rule. Set one hour a day, JUST one hour, to focus on work. You may use this hour for emails, phone calls, and posting that pre-written content. Knowing you have just this one hour will help to set healthy boundaries for you and your business. *Bonus Tip* Consider a tool like Boomerang to schedule emails to be sent back to you in the future.
  5. Make a comeback plan. Odds are that you may feel a little guilty after taking time off, or you may just try to jump back in with too much enthusiasm. Put a system in place to let yourself ease back into work slowly. Prioritize tasks, and set goals, but be careful of overdoing yourself. You don’t want to make commitments that you can’t uphold!

And back to that idea of “time off”. Remember that vacations ARE important to allow yourself to refresh. Summer vacations are especially nice, because then you get to come back in the Fall just like a school kid after summer break. Don’t feel guilty – with proper procedures in place your business will survive and you will benefit from the respite.