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RTC 2017

I attended my second Romancing the Capital!

I can’t rave more about this event. It’s a big, fun party full of happy enthusiastic people who just want to gush about their favorite authors and books. I come away from it with to-read lists that I know I’ll never be able to get through, but how fun is that to know that there will always be something fantastic to read?

I did a lot of photos, social media, and filming, which was fun because I got to talk to the people who were on the outskirts, taking a break or trying to figure out which panel to go to next. I loved hearing about their favorite parts of cons, and which authors they stalk around North America. There really are fans and authors from all over.

This year I went to the dinner and after-party, which I didn’t last year. I may have had a little liquid courage and gave into Eve’s encouragement and then danced the night away with some of my ORWA sisters. I can’t say I can remember the last time I did that!

On that note, I have to risk sounding like a fangirl or worshiper by saying that Eve Langlais is a goddess. She’s outrageously friendly, helpful, and kind, but also hilarious. I don’t know how her mind comes up with so many brilliant stories and how her body is able to pump them out every month, but now that I’ve discovered her stories (through ORWA and RTC) I know I’ll never risk being bored in my entire life (so long as her fingers keep typing). If you’re reading this, thanks for everything, Eve!

I made this little video to show a little of the fun that happens at RTC!