Soylent Review

We got our first Soylent shipment July 20th! We quickly realized that we would need to bump up to the 2-box plan.

We started making it in the container, but then soon found it easier to just make in individual servings.

In August we had a shipment that was much different than our previous two orders – it mixed up much chunkier than the others. The customer service was quick to respond and send us a new order to replace the others. Apparently it is somewhat common for inconsistencies to happen in some of their plants since it is still new.


I even sent some to my brother when he had his jaw wired shut, although he preferred Ensure flavor choices when drinking plain.


It’s 100% better than other sugary meal replacements out there, and 1000% better than going out for fast food. We feel healthier on it, by far.

Update: We’ve since tried the new flavors, and by far like the Coffiest the best!