Spring 2017

We got to really enjoy the weather this weekend. We had two great days of sunshine followed by a rainy day (which was great for writing and reading). On the sunny days we got to finally take the dogs out for their first walks of the year. They are small, and hate the cold and hate dog shoes, so they don’t go for walks in the winter. They were so happy to finally get to patrol the neighborhood. We also spent time in the back yard, cleaning it up, which means Cheese also got to spend time with us outside. The poor thing would love to be outside all the time… until she heard a loud noise, that is.

We had some fun away from home. We don’t go out to eat often, but we always say we want to try places around us. Last week we went to The Works that is near us, and this weekend we tried Wild Wing. We’re glad that we found two new places to bring people when they visit!

We also went to the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library’s Mammoth book sale. As usual, I said I wouldn’t be getting anything, thinking of how full my shelves already are, but $9.00 later I came home with a nice little stack of fiction and non-fiction, including some Stephen King books that I want to re-read. FOPLA is run by volunteers and their sales raise money for the library. They sell books at their locations at different libraries across town, and then they run this sale once a month. Their books are those that have been donated as well as decommissioned library books. There is always a new and huge selection.

After the book sale we went to the movies and saw Power Rangers. It was a nice little movie with some fun nostalgia. Both Alex and I were waiting in baited breath to hear “it’s Morphin time!” and we were so excited to hear the old theme song and see the zords running – haha! I liked the diversity in the film, and I’m on team “make Tommy a girl for the sequel”, but I’m still annoyed that the “girl armor” had the different chest plate.

I went into this weekend a little overworked, so I really needed the rest. And by the time 4theWords was recommended to me, I was ready to “pick up the pen” again. I enjoy the “gamification” of writing, it’s something a little different that feels like it helps to take the pressure off, and gives you fun little rewards for your character!