Steamy Cogs is Out!

Today is the release of our third and final short story collection. It’s bittersweet. I’m proud of the three books we made, and I’m excited to be moving forward and focusing on my own full-length novels, but I’ll miss working with the other authors. The ladies that submitted stories over these past two years were fabulous, creative, and hard working. For some, it was their first time working with an editor and project manager, and it was cool to see them grow into it.

It was so fun to work with budding authors, and to create something we were proud of. I love knowing that they’re excited about the book and will have expanded backlists (extra books to sell at convention tables). But, in the time that we were doing the collections I didn’t make headway with my own work. Now I’ll be doing that. Now that I won’t be coordinating between authors and editors, just myself and editors on my new books, I’ll be able to drill down into my own work, which is great.

But, while you wait to see what I come out with next, consider taking a peek inside of Steamy Cogs, and reading one of the four fun stories that are inside! Mine is a western-themed Steampunk, with a mysterious new villain in town that the heroine must stop before it’s too late!