Trends: July 10, 2017

I’ve decided to start a new challenge and blog series. Once a week Google is going to send me two top searches (trends) are from the previous week, and I’m going to write 300 words for each, no matter how uninteresting I find them. By uninteresting, I mean that last week’s top trending were:



I mean, yay, challenges are fun!

Rob Kardashian


Rob Kardashian went on a rage tantrum about his ex (Blac Chyna) on Instagram, and once he was kicked off Instagram he took it to Twitter. The situation was not just cyber bullying, but also revenge porn, as he posted explicit images of Chyna. In California revenge porn is a crime and treated like domestic abuse, which is a damn good thing in my mind.

In addition to posting the images, he accused her of cheating on him with multiple men and then outed her for plastic surgery she got after giving birth to their child. He alleged that she was manipulating him so he’d continue to spend massive amounts of money on her.

On July 10th Blac Chyna got a temporary restraining order against him, which means he’s not allowed to come near her or post about her online. In addition to the online incidents from last week, Chyna has also alleged that he’d been verbally and physically abusive toward her in front of her children.

That’s not 300 words, but I’m literally-so-done.

Wimbledon Championship


The Wimbledon Championship tournament is held by the All England Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, about 10 miles outside of London, England. It will be going on from July 3 to 16 this year, and celebrating it’s 140th birthday!

This tournament is the last of four “Grand Slam” (super big/important/competitive) international tennis tournaments, preceded by the Australian Open, French Open, and US Open. Wimbledon is the oldest of the tournaments, and is special for being the only one played on grass courts (which are said to be faster than clay courts).

The best of the best play at Wimbledon, hoping to take home a prestigious win (and big prize money).  Sports fans tune in to see around 130 players and seven rounds of amazing tennis, and celebrity fans tune in to see who is going to show up and watch. The Royal Box above the “Centre Court” seats 74 and often has famous people in the seats.

Knowing that it’s been around since 1877 and that it’s been a high-society event for 140 years piques my interest a bit. There are some traditions, like the official “strawberries and cream” dessert or the strict “all-white” dress code that are neat to see today. I like knowing that there are special places for traditions and fun that pay homage to humans that lived more than a century ago.

The only thing I knew about Wimbledon (besides that it was a tennis tournament played in England) was that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was pretty bummed when her doctor told her she couldn’t attend in 2013 when she was close to her due date with George. Now I also know that in 2016 she took over as patron of the All England Tennis and Croquet Club for Queen Elizabeth. It’s a fitting patronage, since Kate herself plays and has been a longtime fan of Wimbledon. She may also start taking over Presidential duties from the Duke of Kent, which would include handing out trophies.

Of course, the link Google sent me along with this trend report was to “Five of the biggest on court meltdowns“, so I don’t know if that’s any indication of what people really like to see.

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