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Wattpad and Patreon

I’ve joined Wattpad!

It only took two workshops from the lovely Linda Poitevin to convince me of the benefits of the platform. I guess it also took me over a year to feel like I was ready enough as a writer to do it. The first workshop of hers I went to was by the Capital Crime Writers and Ottawa Public Library in October 2015. I even found my old tweets from then!

The latest workshop was this past weekend at the Ottawa Romance Writers Association. Here Linda mapped out for us how the popularity of Wattpad and serial reading is growing worldwide (especially among the younger demographics) and she explained how linking to a free excerpt to a fully-published ebook can lead to more sales. She used her own data and charts to show us exactly how Wattpad affected her sales. It’s really quite staggering.

In addition to the fun Wattpad announcement, I’ve also recently joined Mandy Rosko’s Patreon, which in my mind is the “Mandy Rosko exclusive fan club”, where she has made it easy for subscribers to get her backlist and newest ebooks! As a higher-tier subscriber, I get one-on-one Skypes once a month where Mandy has been giving me motivation (and cracking that whip). As a result, I’ve had a higher wordcount last month than the previous ones, I’ve started using the terrifying “Write or Die” (NOT in kamikaze mode though), and I’ve also picked up Fire Emblem Heroes on my iPhone and become VERY addicted to it. What? A healthy life isn’t about all writing, all the time!