Winterlude 2017

Winter is always a challenge for me. The cold weather depletes my energy and motivation. It’s different than in November and December, when you get to look forward to all the cozy holidays. January and February just feel like an endurance test.

What’s more, there have been many Februarys for me that have presented the extra challenge of a new job. This year was one of those. I moved from my position in Tunney’s pasture over to one downtown. It’s offered me new challenges, new writing topics, and a great bunch of people, all of which have made me sure that I made the right move, but that doesn’t mean the adjustment period was less difficult.

My commute is now longer, and I’m riding the bus instead of commuting. I’ve managed to deal with that by using my commute time wisely. Often in the mornings (hello early days) I sleep, but every afternoon I write for an hour on the Scrivener app on my phone. I’m also getting to get a nice walk in every day, walking the 15mins from my work toward Alex’s.

Another benefit of working downtown was getting down to Winterlude this year. It was way too cold for me to want to stay long or go ice skating, but the sculptures were cool!

I’ve also started to be more involved with the Ottawa Romance Writer’s Association (ORWA). It’s exciting to be more involved with the writing community and to start to make real contacts (perhaps even friends). I’ve even started to help with the website, because I think this powerful group of women shouldn’t be hidden from the rest of the local romance writing community. I hope I’m able to help more writers to join, and to strengthen their career as a result.

Another big first for me came in February – my first rejection letter! I’m way more happy about it than I should be, I suppose, but to me it’s just proof that I’m actually doing it (writing). Plus, they gave me great notes that I 100% agree on that will help me fix it, and maybe I’ll resubmit.

I’m working on the next short story collection. It was postponed (which was a good thing, after all the stuff in Jan/Feb that was going on) but now we have our editor on board and all of the writers, and we will announce it soon!