Writing craft

Writing meetings

Only one week left of being the “only human” in the house. Also, only 5 workdays left until we get to CRUISE! Ahhh… I’m completely looking forward to 5 days of RELAXATION. Touring Halifax and Saint John, watching movies on deck, going to the shows, eating fantastic meals, and reading and writing. I wish it was for longer than 5 days, but I’ll take what I can get, and I plan to fully enjoy it!

Otherwise, last week was pretty great. I went to my first meeting as a member of Capital Crime Writers, and their guest presenter, Debra Komar, was SO interesting. She was a forensic anthropologist before she retired a few years ago and began writing. I’ll be taking her book on the cruise for sure!


Besides enjoying listening to Debra, I also enjoyed being with other writers. Writing is isolating, and it’s hard to get out of your own head. Being around others who are supportive of each other and encouraging is super important. It’s something I love about the different conventions I get to go to (none so much as Dragon Con, which I have no idea when I’ll next get back to) – the cheering on of each other. I’ve been a long-time disciple of the thought that it’s so necessary to help each other out, because lifting others up means creating a quality industry. The more good writers there are, the more excited readers will be to keep reading.

I’ve been listening to some writing lectures, and the one today on plotting by Carolyn Banks talks about how ideas can haunt you. If the idea (one you create, or maybe on you hear on the news) is that good that it keeps in your memory then it may be good enough to develop into a story. That makes a lot of sense to me, as there are some things that just stick with you like a ghost in your mind. They’ll eventually go away if you avoid them long enough, but the word “haunted” to describe it is such a good one.